Thursday, 24 December 2009

The way opportunities slip away

One waits for an opportunity, it comes and it so happens many a times that it turns to be a delusion and slips away. Whatever be the field of a person it occurs to every one without any discrimination. I am a blogger for quite a long time but the most demoralizing factor is that I very often commit absurd mistakes. Social Sparks give me opportunities from time to time and they are good enough to elaborately point out as to what is the relative discipline to be adhered to for the purpose. One such discipline is that the sponsored post is to have not less than 7 days gap after the preceding post was written. Silly on my part that such a minor requirement I failed to adhere to recently consecutively on two occasions with the result that my entire labour went invain and I had to lose the opportunities at the final stage. I only pity my slackness on this count.
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