Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I saw her falling unconscious

Trembling and gasping for breath she fell unconscious and this happened on the road in front of my house. She was too old a woman fragile and weak. Seeing this from the roof top of my house I rushed to her and so did a few passersby. She was given some water to drink and was able to partly regain her consciousness. Given some biscuits to eat she was somewhat normal. When asked as to where her house is with a view to escort her back to her place her answer was that she has no place to go back as she was driven out of her house by her family members only including her sons. What was her crime? Nothing but that she was treated as an obstruction in their private comforts. She was some how persuaded to be escorted back to her house and no body knows as to how she might have been treated by her family members after the her escorters returned. There is no parallel to a mother in taking care of her children but when children grow to their adulthood they hardly bother for her, they rather look at her with an amount of disdain to the extent of driving her out of her home. This is the society level in India, may be in different other places in the world too. My heart bleeds.

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