Saturday, 26 December 2009

Beggars on a rampage

Nothing wrong in seeking alms. The poors and the needy otherwise do it. It is considered to be a pious gesture in India to offer alms. Infact there are certain fixed days and festivals in India when alms are offered and ladies in the family will not eat any thing unless they observe this ritual. With time changing so fast the beggars too have changed their modus operandi. Instead of being submissive as it used to be earlier they are now so much aggressive on their job. They will robustly knock at the door and continue clamouring unless some one from the family turns up to  meet their indent specifically pronounced in terms of cereals and cash. If their demand is not met they abruptly start cursing the family even using abusive language. Many a persons meet their demand not as a pious gesture but to avoid nuisance. They move in gangs majority being that of girls. Girls talking in abusive language looks so nasty.The element of a noble gesture in offering alms is totally lost and it has assumed a shape that the beggars are in most of the cases obliged by the people to get rid of a nuisance.

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