Sunday, 30 August 2009

Intricacies of Insulin intake

Doctors advising patients of diabetes to go for certain amount of insulin normally once in the morning before breakfast and in the night before dinner. This they do in most casual a manner which patients follow

faithfully without applying necessary precautions with the result that there are many a complications that emerge. First thing to be adhered to is that the insulin injected is measured correctly and that there are no gas bubbles in the container and syringe. If gas remains inside the syringe it is bound to either inflate the intake quantity or is much lower impact wise and this results into a big imbalance in sugar level. The patient should actually see to it that the gas bubbles disappear which is possible by pressing the syringe knob upward in the air and it removes the unwanted gas. Around half a unit goes when this process is applied but that is worth as against the wrong dosage. Similarly it is necessary from compatibility point of view that insulin container be regularly kept in refrigerator except the time when it has to be taken out for injecting.

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