Saturday, 5 September 2009

Injecting mammals for more milk

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More, still more and much more is the lust which humans have been suffering from for ages. Rich or poor, business magnates or the hawkers in the streets all have been pursuing this practice flagrantly violating any ethical norms prescribed from time to time not only by sages and saints but others too spreading message of love both for humans as well as animals. Who cares? Practically none. A couple residing nearby my house is a popular bhajan singer visiting different places reciting religious verses drawing applause from the audience for the message of love they convey. The message they communicate is that of love for humans, animals and any creation of God on earth. Their preachings include that one should take cows milk only as it is pure and pious. They have taken the task of supplying cows milk to themselves and this they do with a sense of pride that theirs is a noble job. What they do? They give injections to their cows to fetch more milk and never lag behind in mixing the monetarily required amount of water. Injection cause havoc on health count and the animal, it is cow or a buffalo goes fully incapacitated in course of time. This infact is callous and much against what they themselves preach from door to door. Such people actually have no right to talk on love, religiously or otherwise, and the society has to recognize them as nothing but hypocrites.

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