Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Getting rid of chatting masters

Go for a stroll or some walking exercise in a park, there are people who virtually gherao you for talks with them. Chatting masters as they are their talks are unending and their topics are endless starting from their house hold matters to politics at the national level. They refuse to realize that some one who is on a walk with the purpose of some exercise may not be in a mood to transgress from a peace mode of his mental status to unruly conversations. Most of them come from retired category of employees from different departments. I wonder how come the people, even if they are no more in active service, can't engage themselves in some activity or the other in a positive order instead of acting as intruders to the peace zone of others. Business talks or conversations on serious subjects are matters of a specific schedule to be organized appropriately and there is no reason for any one to act as free stylers disturbing others.

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