Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Taj, the wonder

Text Link Ads Reminiscent of a love that was and is unerasable by time is the Taj, a magnificient love story. There are remarks that Shahjehan was capable of leaving a mark of his great for Mumtaz Mahal as he was a King, an Emperor and had an immeasurable amount of money to to fulfill his slightest possible whims. There are people who might have loved their spouse or the beloved in much bigger a measure compared to Shahjehan but they couldn't afford an ordinary most monument for the person they loved.True, but it can't be construed to read that simply because an emperor was so rich, he lost his eligibility to express his love.
One of the wonders of the world, Taj is equally inspiring both to rich and poor. It's love after all that gets manifestation in stone and this is the kind of love that is eternal. It represents the kind of love that is honest and pure and not confined to any barriers like rich and poor. Amount of love is not some thing like ration where distribution is quantity based, it is measured based on its quality where being rich or being poor has no meaning.Love and love alone counts for all.
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