Sunday, 11 November 2007

Credit Cards -a tool for compacted utilities !

Tiny and so user friendly, Credit Cards are certainly a revolotion miniatured to the size of a fist. One of the greatest gifts by the scientists, this tiny tool has made the present day world so interesting and attractive. All good things are always prone to some ill effect or the other and this tool too is no exception but this aspect is not at all beyond repairs and very much depends on the behaviour of the users themselves. Abuse side is bound to occur if the users resort to misusing the machine recklessly directing their usage theme to an obscene or other kinds of negative order instead of confining themselves to a real utility oriented usage in a positive manner for which Credit Cards are basically meant. Yes, they are a necessary evil in the sense that even if there are some negative aspects attached to it, they are a thousand times much worth from utility angle and if the consumers use them properly, there is no question of any ill side of it affecting any one. Availability of the tool being easily available particularly through Online Shopping, it has become more popular than even wristwatches and is popular in a big measure both in urban as well as rural areas. Using credit card for more than a decade I find the machine (Credit Card -Visa) an integral part of my body system both at home and on outings. My advice to a potential buyer would always be to go for it with the remark 'sooner the better' ofcourse with a note of caution that he/she should not blame the tool for some mishap or the other if they fail to handle cards with cash back
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