Friday, 9 November 2007

Why I signed up for Pay Per Post?

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I did feel tempted to go for Payperpost at the first sight on the Internet. Besides ofcourse the money consideration, I found it user friendly in the sense that it contains elaborate features on functionality and that I got replies to my queries promptly with a touch of attention and care, a feature quite denotive of a quality level dealing. Dealings with an amount of cordiality are after all most powerful tools, be it business or any other mission. Customer care is customer love with PayPerPost and that again speaks volumes of a sort of an affinity between them and the posties. I do feel like sharing my impressions on PPP with my friends/ my readers, hence this small writeup.Giving vent to my anxiety based on my first hand impression, I fondly signed up with PPP looking forward to a congenial and result oriented relationship with them. I do want money as I need it and I chose PPP for this reason too realising that it can well be persued with them gracefully. I have a conviction that ten dollars earned with labour are much more satisfying than hundreds of them earned otherwise. Howsoever pressing and compelling be my needs, I have no fancy for money earned through gambling, lotteries or speculative tradings. If fortunately I am able to come across avenues for more money beyond what is required for my basic needs, my priority option would be to help the orphaned and handicapped children. Trying to comprehend as to where PAY PER POST lays more emphasis in business orientation and marketing facilitation, it satisfyingly inspired me most to realise that they have a missionary approach towards Computers and Internet. Given below is a small account of the way I take this powerful tool of business and interaction:

Computer and Internet:
When first fully functioning electronic computer was developed at the University of Pennsylvania during World War II, none migt have thought that some day it was to blossom to the pinnacles of success and that it was something to become a sort of wonder for the world. Initially it was developed as a device that could both determine missile trajectories and predict the weather.Soon it captured the fancy of business community followed by an overwhelming demand from corporate bodies and individuals.Computers appeared in much developed a shape during mid fiftees of the last century to blossom further in the mid sixtees when they started being dependably used by the Banking Industry throughout the world.In India,it was State Bank of India to play a pivotal role in developing its popularity and demand. Basically it was transistor that acted as a source of inspiration from acceptability point of view on a thinking that if radio/transistor could be so popular with the masses why computers can't be and several new features started being added to this technology every day. Development and progress on this technological field no doubt suffered a setback as a matter of stiff resistance offered against it by several quarters mainly including leftists on the slogan that it was potentially a great danger for the workforce as it was most powerful a machine to replace and do away with the manual labour causing a large scale unemployment but with the overpowering utility angle of computers, it didn't take much time to overcome the problem as those opposing it tooth and nail reconciled in its favour propagating its qualities publicly.Talking to a Chief Minister of a State in India, I found him highly aggressive virtually abusing those who worked for computers and my arguments supporting them were just turned down. Later I was told that he since became a great admirer of the machine ordering full use of computers in all offices of the Government in his State. Now it is an era of computers in full measure and that no one who believes in work and efficiency can afford going without them. Computer, thy name is efficiency, thy name is progress, development and prosperity.
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