Thursday, 1 November 2007

No limit to sectarianism!

An amount in crores of rupees is proposed by Mayawati towards erecting and raising different kinds of memorials for Kanshi Ram. Leaders who brought freedom to the country are hardly found any where with their photos as Father of the Nation or Heads of the nation missing almost from every office. It souds harsh but there can be no justification in glorifying any leader known only for their sectarian approach all along.True, backwards in the society do deserve a treatment that restores right of equality to them and on this front possibly it was Mahatma Gandhi who has no parallel. What others are doing now is nothing but exploiting the sentiments of the people to their advantage in the name of caste and creed. Memorials within a reasonable limit could be ok but wasting colossal amount of public money on that count is a sheer wastage and has nothing to do with the welfare of the people in the country. It is just a misuse of power to appease certain sections with an attempt to capture their votes.Vote politics is always aimed at acquiring benefits to politicians and has hardly to do any thing with the general welfare of the public.

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