Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A note on Trade Unions!

Part 2:
They are the type in no way really interested in the welfare of their organization which they belong to –their one point programme is to cling to the post to the last unless kicked out and thrown in the streets in which event their all out endeavour is to drag the organization to shambles without being prepared to realize that this parting gift of theirs to their followers only leads them to a situation where one ignominiously mingles into dust unwept,unsung and unhonoured. It forms an interesting instance to quote one study about a trade union leader of national level in Banking Industry. Drastic measures as a result of National Emergency in the country in the year 1975 were there at their worst. He convened an emergency meeting of National Executive at New Delhi. This was the day when Bang Bandhu Mujibur Rahman of Bangla Desh was killed. The atmosphere in the country. The atmosphere in the capital was already so tense. The line of action adopted by the Government of India in curbing and crushing the trade union activities in the Country was no more a secret to any body. Definite instructions were issued to various Heads of different departments in the administration and other organizations both in public and private sectors that the union leaders be pinned to desk obviously with an idea to cause them biggest possible handicap in carrying out the union activities. The instructions so issued were meticulously implemented with some relaxation in regard to those belonging to INTUC. The proposal mooted out by another leader that all leaders should in the changed circumstances resign from from whatever post/position they were occupying as employees in the industry to serve the union exclusively didn’t find favoour with the top leaders who whipped their veto suggesting an alternative –the alternative that the coercive instructions of the Government be defied without leaders abandoning their jobs as employees. The key man who in his capacity as the top man in the executive in the union piloted the discussion was the one, nay the first one, to report for duty - he and the other one second in command rushed to their place of work for the purpose to every body’s amazement. They were wise enough to save their wages as against others who had to remain on leave without pay for a long time obeying the advice to defy the Government directives.
In yet another instance, the big leader practically started weaping to win over the sentiments of membership in general in a largely attended conference. After the session was over, he confided to a close associate of his telling that his tears were only a matter of strategy exercised to overcome a situation but for which he had to get embarrassed.
Tears are serene and sublime –only a hypocrite of first order can use them, nay misuse them, as a matter of trick and dodge. (tobe continued)
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