Friday, 19 October 2007

A loot on public money?

How come the Government in different states goes for enormously increasing the number of ministers just for a favour or to appease a particular section of people utterly unmindful of the financial crisis the state faces. Such a practice is not confined to states alone and it is very much there on the part of the Central Government too at times in much worse an order. After all it is all the public money which they are using, rather misusing to satisfy their own coterie of sycophants and there is hardly ever a case when it is done just for people's cause. Their ads on different TV and other media channels invariably highlight the need of funds tobe utilised in building up a strong nation whereas the case is, as it is seen, just opposite. The luxurious life of an ordinary MLA, MP or ministers is abundantly indicative of a sheer wastage and it is this money only that is used for them to maintain a grandeur. An MLA in Bihar acquiring a Mercedes worth a crore+ with the explanation that it was a gift to him by some company looks so funny, infact looks like a loot on public. Any talk on development or other political slogans on that count are just meaningless unless some curb is imposed on these so called public representatives on their activities and life style.

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myso said...

Yes, it is correctly said.