Friday, 2 November 2012

Use of Credit Cards in a free styled manner is highly unsafe:I

The modern era is full of technologies in various fields, and credit cards are the ones that form a sequence of it. No doubt credit cards are very much a handy tool from its utilisation point of view, but the hazards it carries with are note worthy. Once, while responding to some ad, I was required to pay a token amount of $1. I thought it was a petty amount and why not go for an experiment. It was all a transaction on line. I got nothing in return. What was more  surprising to me was that my credit card was debited for Rs.1,789/ besides the actual amount of $1 already paid. I disputed it but there was no response from the company concerned. To ensure that they do not debit my credit card fraudulently with some more amount, I had no alternative but to record ‘Stop payment’ with the concerned Bank. Further payment is stopped but the dispute so raised against the forged debit is still pending. This is something that acts as a pointer to all the credit card holders that they should never give a blank authority to any body to debit their card without fully ascertaining the bonafides of the payee concerned. Let the instance under reference act as a note of caution, hence this write-up.

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