Thursday, 22 November 2012

Cancer is curable, say the doctors!

A dreaded disease like cancer is treatable, and as per studies made by experts in this area, it is curable to a great extent. Robotic Radio Surgery popularly known as cyber knife is the latest technique developed in this direction, as per media news. This technique is fully capable of locating the very spot in the body which is cancerous. It can remove any kind of tumour, malignant or even benign ones. Already recognized by Foods and Drugs Association (FDA) of America, this technique of cyber knife is growing in its popularity based on the satisfactory results of success it has elicited so far. The technique has been found much more functionable in the cases of kidney, lungs and lever cancer after an intensive research work done by the specialists by trying it on thousands of persons. It virtually works as a trusted ray of hope for cancer patients. Some more improvements in this direction are likely to occur soon, as say the researchers on the subject.

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