Saturday, 26 July 2008

An apology of honesty

Phenomenon in political scenario is no different in any country but it is far exceedingly typical in India where honest practitioners can beat dishonest most ones when it comes to grabbing power or retaining it. What happened in Indian Parliament only the other day on the Prime Minister seeking vote of confidence is a glaring example of how the needful for the purpose is managed by means fair or foul using, nay misusing, power willfully ignoring even if it amounts to bribing the voter members of Parliament. Besides offering priviledged positions to many as a matter of deal even, as widely covered by the media, bribing in cash was no exception. Who did it and what was the modus operandi for the purpose are all matters of investigation which is ofcourse out of question as those involved in the process are heavy weight guys capable of manipulating every thing to their convenience and advantage. The champion of a big scandal known as Chara ghotala Lalu Yadav of Bihar being one of the most vocal spokesman in support of confidence vote playing all tricks and whatever vocabulary at his command in mustering necessary support. Government is an agency possessing all powers to grant any body any position like offering some one Chief Ministership of a State and his son a Deputy Chief Ministership irrespective of the fact that the man concerned was jailed on serious criminal charges.The man so convicted, when asked as to what he had finally decided on the question of supporting confidence vote, replied in his usual hypocritic style that whatever he has to do is to be done keeping overall interest of the State. Is it not that offering positions to secure a vested interest is nothing but a bribe only and blatant abuse of power.Overall scenario as it finally ended speaks volumes on sordid affairs as they obtain in our country. It is all so unfortunate.

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