Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Harvest of opportunities

Persons coming across no opportunity may call it a matter of luck but it is only absurd for those who get it in abundance and fail to avail of it. Network technology is a tempest that has overtaken every thing in the world without any visible parallel to it. Days are gone much far behind when network technology was simply a matter of an improved version of functional efficiency in offices. Much beyond all that now it is the salientmost tool that opens up flood gates for career potentially powerful in offering sumptuously rich horizons of future prospects. Oriental Vedic culture prescribes that nothing can be done unless there is a teacher to impart its pupils necessary skill and knowledge for a particular job. This is quite true but for this again one need not run from pillar to post in search of an individual teacher as every thing is available on internet itself which robustly acts as a full fledged encyclopaedia on career building, its type, nature and potentiality of a tangibly visible outcome. Leading a delegation on computers representing Banking Industry I had to visit several countries including USA, Canada, Germany and Japan having interaction with persons with vast knowledge and experience in the field and the feedback I was able to get from them was an eye opener to me. On many occasions I received these sessions of interaction as tools enormously supplanting whatever knowledge I claimed, ofcourse in a humble manner, to possess on the subject. Internet technology is the nest that nurtures, nourished and delivers the readily available exciting opportunities for those who care for themselves, need some career (which certainly they do as I do feel) and are inquisitive to lead their life in the manner that tomorrow demands. Network technology is an all pervading remedy for the purpose. There are powerful source channels like CISCO who are compactedly all in one.Cisco certification acts as friends, philosphers and guides in helping out all who find themselves anxious and inquisitive in the matters of career leading to a well built future, say exciting career.It is this juction where genuine anxiety on career and future invariably elicits genuine guidance, training and all requisite informations.Cisco certification
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