Saturday, 19 July 2008

Arousing aspirations beyond imaginable proportions

Dreams are there and they are there to match the reality. Dreams which are incapable of turning into reality are known as utopian. Currently it is virtually a tug of war going on amongst propagandists, advertisers and the media rubbing their nose to ensure that they succeed in arousing the aspirations and expectations of the people particularly the younger general and in the process they stretch their exercise too far with the result that it fails to match the tangibility element of the dreams. Giving a message that one has to think big and work hard to reach the goal is alright. Dreams with realism by their side culminate to a situation called the goal of an individual but barren aspirations hardly have any place to land and in most of the cases they flop only. Much exaggerated a publicity highlighting dreams and aspirations infact misleads the present generation or any generation at a given time as it lands them to indulging into negative activities to see their dreams materialising. This sort of diversion from positive to negative works as an incentive to corrupt the people. When a young man who has not even a thatched house to live as is the condition in our country in the case of millions of people and he is shown a most lavishly furnished house on TV he feels highly tempted and not necessary that he for this reason thinks of working hard, he rather tries to work out some short cut for the purpose which is possible conveniently by indulging into money making anti social activities. Better it is that the aspirations be aroused within a legitimate level that is possible to reach instead of giving feedbacks for something which is supposed to remain just utopian.

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