Saturday, 13 September 2008

Panic on 10th September

The news that the world is coming to an end  on 10/9/08 let loose a day before by the media shook the globe causing a sort of havoc everywhere. Almost all the religions of the world talk of something like a Dooms day in some form or the other suggesting that some day sooner or later the whole world has to collapse bringing the live existence on earth to a nullity. There is no reason to dispute this belief as even scientifically it is believed that different forces on earth and also the stars continue clashing amongst themselves which process has to culminate into a doom. Law of Nature prevails and no amount of disputing it can alter the element of Destiny. Like everything is commercialised these days, so is the case with this phenomenon. Media took it as a hay day for attracting more of traffic to their sites on TV and internet. They highlighted the potential event in a manner as if they owe a solemn responsibility to convince all that the world was really to end on the 10th September this year and none is to survive thereafter. It was too much of an exaggeration. Potential events must be given due coverage but why they be given a shape beyond proportions is not understood. Causing too much of frightenings only demoralises the current human generation and this must not be taken as an area to commercialise it from marketing angle.

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