Sunday, 14 September 2008 Angry Big B hits back at MNS in blog

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Big B is correct and so is his wife Jaya in their remark on language. Although Big B was apologetic in his reactions for the satisfaction of Mumbaikars, there was infact no need for him to be that submissive. After all what was wrong in what the great cine star of yesteryears and wife of Big B said on opting a language to speak. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu or even Marathi or any other language is the right of the speaker herself/himself and one has no right to disrupt such a freedom with prejudice for a particular place in mind. States in our country were abolished  by the then leaders like Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel on the principle that all states are to be treated on equal footing without any individual prejudice. Now there are self styled leaders like Raj Thackarey who are out to destroy the very fabric of unity in the country for their own selfish goal. Jaya Bachhan quite justifiably said that Mumbai is not the property of any individual as it belongs to all and certainly it is not state to be viewed in isolation, it has to be viewed in the context of the Country as a whole. What right an individual like Raj Thakarey has to behave as a self styled champion for Mumbai. There is no justification for it. Both Jaya and Big B are fully correct in their expressions and country as a whole supports them. Angry Big B hits back at MNS in blog

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