Saturday, 11 October 2008

Man proposes someone else disposes

Trading is not a pastime, it is the need, the need for sustentation, the need for earning some livelihood measure or the other. One of the latest modes in this direction is trading in shares, the kind of business not that popular in olden days. Today it appears as if the entire world is engrossed in this business. There are traders and also advisers, consultants, experts and specialists to advise as to how sumptuous earnings can be made overnight. Go by them and it looks like earning money and more money is just damn easy which phenomenon, when tested in practice, proves catastrophic only. Looks like the entire world bleeds profusely on that count currently, nay for quite a long time. Globally different governments are all helpless. No dearth of advices still but there is none that works. There are investors committing suicide, there are tens of thousands rendered jobless, there are yet millions facing starvations. 'Be bold, invest with a lion's heart courageouly, jo dar gaya woh mar gaya' is the advice appearing on TV as a routine feature. Adventurists on this count are the worst sufferers. Where are such advisers now? A well known expert on CNBC gave most rosy a picture nearly three weeks before announcing that it is now the dawn of the golden days and that days ahead are now to deliver boons in terms of monetary benefits in stock trading like it happened in the past. False. Nothing happened. What actually happened is just a chaos, a catastrophy, a doom. Looks like in situations like this man is just helpless and none is capable of knowing or pronouncing correctly as to what is there in store to occur. Is it that we see the monster with its wide open jaws in front of us to devour us with none traceable to rescue?

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