Sunday, 19 October 2008

Virtually a chaos ?

The way stock market stands shattered now is virtually a chaos. Reduced to a level of destitutes there are thousands hankering for some support or the other. Sensex dragged down to a level below 10,000 sounds so devastating that investors both big and small find it just difficult to recover from the shock of damage. Although this is something that happened earlier too nearly a year and half back, this time it was too much of a dismay in the sense that it was a shock in deep sequence with running jolts one after the other giving them no gap to breathe. The masters monitoring Indian economy are not tired of boasting that it is all fully under control, inflation encouragingly shows a downward trend and so does oil market but then what are the factors that render all controls resultless. Is it really a sabotage as indicated by heads of several states including President of America? If so, how come they are unable to curb the manipulations? The very thought that the menace may aggravate further is highly terrifying and may virtually drag many an investors to the point of starvation. An investor calling on me was virtually in tears telling that his investment of 5 lakhs during last six months is reduced to merely 12% of its value, an instance that may apply to thousands of people.

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