Sunday, 12 October 2008

Each move counts

Many a lessons and many a sermons on yoga and other physical exercises are there in plenty with no dearth of multifarious devices and modes for the purpose. Well, it is ideal if one is able to acquire proficiency in different forms of disciplining physical activities but it doesn't denote that no result is possible unless a person is thoroughly proficient in various exercise modes. One may just begin with a zero level of knowledge in the field. Physical system in itself is a workshop that enables a person to most leisurely direct his/her own curriculum generating activities. Doing nothing and still doing so much is the very nature of the Man. Sleeping, keeping awake, eating, talking, moving, smiling, laughing, playing and the likes are the activities essentially associated with any living being. Discipline these activities just moderately with a total compromise with your own body system and the harmony it generates is soothing and refreshing. Sleep is a bliss but you can't force it on you. You have to earn it with the simple process of taking things easy without any strain on your mental faculties. Every body eats but every body does not relish. Food stuff is not to be galloped, it is rather to be chewed and swallowed with ease which process not only enhances taste but doubles its energy properties. Walking is necessary but is not to be confused with strolling. Some people go on longer brisky walks after meals which is not advisable as it disturbs the system but can prove quite useful if it is done after a gap of atleast an hour after food intake. Limited strolling on a moderate note after meals is OK. Water intake during meals or immediately after it does not support the system but is advisable say half an hour later. Food intake apart, gaps in different activities play a vital role on health angle. Items being the same, their properties work differently depending upon the gaps in them. A well maintained cycle of actional gaps is a sure way to a better health and fitness.

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