Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Ecstasy of a robust romance !

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There was a time when love making had a take off with 'touch me not' gestures. This most powerful faculty in the human system has now all reasons to be explicit, bold and expressive from day one in love. Intensity wise love was the same when live being emerged on earth but expression wise it is the one phenomenon that has been undergoing tremendous changes. Humans moved bare bodied in Paleolithic age both male and female mixing up with each other just freely like animals having sex just as a running routine depending on the desire for it. Then it was a civilized world where they had to cover their bodies particularly women folk. Not free love but only restricted love it was with so much of purdah all around. Now is the age where an ample recognition is given to the fact that of all the urges and attractions love is the most powerful and it deserves opportunities for fullest possible manifestations. These opportunities are there in a great measure when there are events like championship on that count. VICTORY HAIR, a game event that is virtually hair raising in so far as the participation is concerned, is there to extend satiation to love lorns in a manner that is fully full of freedom without any thing ugly or sordid being there. Getting conversant with the game is somewhat ticklish but once familiarised it bountifully provides all that those young at heart hanker for. It is a cluster of curly hair on the girl's forehead or gush of twisted bold ones on the face of the male partner, it is they to form an encounter in love making before it spreads over to the other parts of the two bodies leading to a stage where ecstasy knows no bounds. Most worth watching a game indeed.

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Victory Hair

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