Saturday, 23 August 2008

What a gimmic on acquiring sympathy ?

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Releasing it as a very very big news, Mayawati, currently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, announced that she has since been able to trace her successor in politics. The name of the lucky man was kept a secret excepting a small hint that he is the one much younger in age to her's. Now that it is no more a secret as media has fully publicised it which ofcourse was the purpose behind bomblasting the news. The message she wanted to reach the masses was that her life is in danger and that urgency of the situation demands that her heir be announced. What urgency? The urgency that she is in hot waters because of criminal proceedings going on against her in her case of disproportionate wealth acquired without any recognisable sources of income. The urgency that she is left with no alternative but to depend on public sympathy to safeguard her interests. In our country public sympathy is most common a tool used by politicians to garner support from the people through which their attempt is always to rise above the law of the land to succeed in their motives. Unfortunately such a trick is available handy and works to the advantage of vested interests. Mayawati is no exception, this is the routine way the politicians as a class behave.

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