Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What a breed of humans they belong to ?

They jump to fray, target their victims, kill them on the spot with no kind of any human consideration and their determination for the purpose is so strong that they don't bother at all for their own lives. Who they are? They are known with several names and more popularly as 'fidayeen' (suicide squad) directed by their masters in clear terms to continue their killing spree till they themselves get liquidated of their lives in the process or are killed. This is what happened in Mumbai in the last week of November'08.

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They are heavily paid for their unholy mission, the mission that persues destruction, annihilation and a doom. Targeting enemies is some thing one can understand as it is an instinctive ingredient in human brain and it equally obtains in animals and all the beings on earth but whose enemies are the innocent passers by in the streets or a babe clinging to its mothers lap totally ignorant of what are the happenings in the world and which sort of a revenge it amounts to in killing them so callously. The very stunt propagated by some that it is all done as Allah wants it to so happen and killings appease Him saying 'Allah ko pyari hai qurbani' is only a discovery made by those wanting to satisfy their own beastly tendencies satanically directed to torturing the fellow beings. No amount of stunts or falsely manufactured fallacies can justify the heinous crime of killing innocent people. Most grave a sin it is, it is unpardonable.

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