Friday, 7 March 2014

Share market–if the current trend continues:

Rupee dollar ratio remaining within the reasonable confines of a workable range, the market is moving as at the moment in an encouraging direction with Sensex running at 340+ and Nifty at 100+. Showing a tendency of getting stagnated at certain levels, the index continues moving forward steadily. The political scenario as it is obtaining at the moment too is favourable to the market. May be this sign gets further accelerated with the dates of general election drawing closer. The share market is known for its own way of behaviour switching over to different modes of moves at its own mood and temper but what visibly appears on the surface is quite indicative of a healthy trend to suit the traders in all categories. Nothing is certain in any matter as to what is there in store for tomorrow but if the current wave is retained it is to indicate for sure most healthy a climate for the share market giving chance to the traders to have their heyday.
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