Monday, 4 February 2008

Burning Bombay

Mumbai has been virtually burning for the last one week with strifes and atrocities perpetrated on innocent people. Is it not that the lust for power on the part of the big bullies in politics is behind all this. So called leaders aspiring always to get noticed by a largest possible group of people indulge in such activities which is a matter of nothing but shame. Who are these people who prefer violence over peaceful methods? They are the people who neither care for the society nor hesitate in securing upper hand over others by applying pressure tactics. They are virtually sophisticated goondas disrupting peace and harmony. Entire episode relates to regionalism which acted as the bone of contention leading to a sort of blood bath in the streets of Mumbai with locals identifying others from different states, say mainly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, branding them as outsiders and beating them mercilessly. If it was a taxi driver, he was first asked to show his vehicle papers and on knowing through those papers that the person concerned was not a Maharashtrian he was chosen as a fit case to be thrashed and terrorised. In today's world when Vasudhev kutumbakam is most popular a slogan every where, what relevance the maniacs may have in bifurcating the people on regional bias. Just abnoxious and condemnable an attitude it is. Why doesn't a Bombayite realise that if similar treatment is meted out to him when he goes to other states what will happen. Like that if any one goes from one place to other, whosoever he may be, what sort of behaviour he may expect from 'outsiders' who in their regions are very much insiders. Moreover, regionalism is a draconian factor which is not confined just to states alone, it very often applies city to city, locality to locality and above all caste to caste. There can be no case of pardon for the people who committed and led such atrocities in Mumbai and they are the ones who deserve nothing less than a capital punishment capable of letting the goons realise that if they attack others, others can doubly react.
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