Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gainsaying affirmations

Call spade a spade, there is nothing wrong in it, it is rather good in the sense that truth is allowed to be on the surface. There are people who don't like to mince their words and always prefer to talk straighaway to the point as against those who will talk volumes without hardly coming to main theme of the subject. In the name of talking frank, there are many a people who pickup entirely a negative side of the subject without forgetting to repeat with every sentence of their the workds like 'tobe frank, it is like this, it is like that. Once a person who was after me with the repeated request for his transfer to his choice place. It took time but I saw to it that it was done. After the job was done, he met me but it was some sort of a meeting with a casual touch as if he never had any agenda of his once pending with me. I myself asked him if he was happy now as he was since posted to his choice place. His reply was somewhat shocking. He said 'Sir, to be frank, I was all along hankering so much for my posting to a convenient place but it became possible only when I could secure an aashirvaad from a Guru and it was with his blessings that I am now posted at a place where I wanted tobe'. I felt infact so demoralised within myself just thinking of what name be given to such ungrateful persons gainsaying necessary acknowledgement to favours they receive and that too with the quality prefix of 'tobe frank..' Such

instances could be many which, when studied in a psychological context, elicit only disparaging conclusions on human behaviour. Truth remains that the work done is not necessarily always acknowledged by the receiving end affirmatively with a sense of gratitude, it is rather many a times twisted to different cannotations which most negatively amount to recognition sans reality. Possibly that is human, that is society.

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