Friday, 29 February 2008

Incurring debts just for the heck of it

Type of the people who are in the habit of doing things in a reckless order are the ones who cause problems to their family members than themselves. There are also the types who spend money on the items other than the ones for which the borrowing was there. Why they do so is difficult to comprehend and this way they spoil only themselves, nay much more their family. Borrowing money and then spending it lavishly on fun makings and drinking spree on a wine shop or even at home should not be the behaviour of the persons who have otherwise to look after the members in the family shouldering various household responsibilities creating an atmosphere of a comfortable life. Not just dues only, a careless handling of any issue or problem lands a man into difficulty. The composition of our society is such that wrong doings or mishandling a situation on the part of one individual equally engulf others in his circle and if does something in order, it fruitfully reflects others around him.

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