Thursday, 21 February 2008

Waste not resources on trivialities

While delivering his lecture in America, Swami Vibekanand called upon the audience not to waste money on churches and temples but direct the same to the poor, the needy. Nothing warrants more of attention than the people suffering from hunger, he said. What persons in the saddle on power are doing these days is something just in contrast to that. Huge amount of money is wasted on repairing and constructing memorials in the name of those who count more on political angle than human welfare.What is the need of it? The hungry, the destitutes, the haves not, the poor are hankering for food and callous are the heavy weights in politics who enjoy spending lavishly to the point of grandeur on memorials. OK, those who made some contribution for the protection and welfare of the needy people in the country do deserve a recognition but they certainly can't be given priority over those who are starving for want of necessary sustentation resource. If somewhere some leader talks of providing necessary employment to the needy, this is again in most of the cases, for political reasons and the very theme of the project is caste oriented. Leaders in the helm of affairs responsible for governance are not the leaders elected and elevated to a position just for a particular caste or community, they are the leaders for the people as a whole and there can in no way be any justification in their prejudicial behaviour like this. Discrimination of any kind on the part of the leaders that matter is by no means pardonable. They are supposed to behave themselves in the interest of public at large without unjudiciously confining their activities to certain coteries or pockets in the society giving it some artificial colour or the other.

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