Thursday, 21 February 2008

Attacked by a snake

Torrential rains overflooding the total area in a semi urban locality where I used to stay for some time, there was hardly any road, street or a pedestrians row track visible any where. No way out and I had to make it to reach my college some how or the other. Removing my shoes, stretching my trousers upward, I started for the college locating the partition tracks forcefully pressing my toes on the ground. Now it was the end of the track where a nallah with heavy waves was flowing. Picking up some courage I continued moving on stretching my legs right and left to secure a passage. By the time I could make it to reach the other side of the nallah I was exhausted to the point of gasping for breath and felt like I was to collapse. Picked up some courage again to start further but this time it was a snake raising its hood towards my toe looking like it was more an attempt to engulf the toe than directlly attacking me. I knew that there are certain types of snakes in flooded waters who are not that poisonous but their bite can cause problemitic infections coupled with after effects of whatever little poison element they have. Its gaze being ferocious, I felt frozen as if crippled but could make it to decide as a last moment device to move on further without retracting. These are the common stories in the rural areas that if you try to run away backward the snakes get more prone to attack. The trick worked and the snake swiftly turned back taking a plunge into the waters.

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