Monday, 25 February 2008

Clean the mirror before getting your image:

As saying goes, when you raise your finger against some one, the remains ones get a back turn towards yourself. The reason is reality based and logical too. The gesture quite denotes that before you raise a pointer to others, be doubly sure that you yourself are not suffering from any sort of a malady as such. A mahatma was giving sermons in a congregation of people telling that one should not behave like a dog but like a human only. A boy in the crowd interrupted him asking as to why he talked of a dog in a condemnable tone and that is it not that a dog is much better in many ways in comparison to human beings. The mahatma kept quiet for some time and then said that he was in complete agreement with the boy and that a dog is really much better in certain respects. Dog's sense of loyalty has hardly any match and it is never ungrateful to its master like many a humans who go ungrateful at the first available opportunity. Man in Urdu language is called a haiwane natiq (an animal possessing a tongue) as againstg animals who can't express themselves or they can do so but humans don't understand it. You develop a close rapport with any animal or bird or even a beast, you will find that they too can love, hate, ignore or disregard you exactly in consonance with your behaviour with them. I know about a muslim family in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) who have been traditionally keeping and nourishing the doves in their house and they tell that is there is something otherwise to happen to the family, the birds stop taking any food in which process they die too. The family members hold a view that this they do save the family by offering themselves to death. May be it is true and in that case the sacrifice of the doves for the safety of their masters is a great lesson to men themselves. All live beings on earth are the same and it is unfair on the part of the people to consider themselves as far superior compared to others. Analysis of self is a remedy in itself, a remedy that takes care of ill conceived notions.

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