Monday, 25 February 2008

Nature is red in tooth and claw:

Wordsworth was not incorrect when he said that Nature is red in its tooth and claw. All beings on earth are for blood of others. Killing, killing and killing only. Such a behaviour on the part of Nature has its full reflection on the mankind. All over the world killings are resorted to as a fancy. History is full of innumerable instances of killings. Stories of great Mughals talk of a king blinding his son, a son killing his father, Aurangzeb killing his brother Dara Shikoh in most callous a manner, Jenhagir killilng Sher Afghan to grab his beautiful wife Noor Jehan, Zaibunnishan dragged to a situation of killing herself as her father Aurangzeb didn't like her to be in love with some one. Jahan-a-rah was forced to remain unmarried as her father Shahjehan was for a mughal match only who couldn't be available. Stories on Sind Valley civilization contain an enormous amount of brutalities. Animals killing animals can to some extent be taken as somewhat a pertinent excuse on the ground that it is mostly for their food on which count they have no other way out but humans have vast avenue of resources for food but they too indulge themselves in killings. Only sometime back I came across an online interview of a terrorist replying to the question as to why he was for killing innocent people as if he didn't at all feel guilty while doing so. Innocent or any thing, he was replying, killing is a must. He emphatically reiterated his stand that killing was a mission for him to be persued and that he was for it come what may. If there is an attack with counter attack following it and in the process killing may occur which situation is a different one but killing the innocents is nothing but a cruel act which a killer does just to satisfy his fancy. A poet friend of mine once wrote -

Phir se ho takhseer jahan ki

Satahen na hamwar bahut hain

describing that whatever is the shape of the world that is visible to us is not fit enough to live in, it needs repairs, it needs resurrection.

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