Monday, 25 February 2008

No compromise on love:

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Those giving sermons spelling out discourses very often emphasize in the name of detatchment theory that it is but necessary to abandon the family in pursuit of attaining moksha (salvation).They could be correct from their point of view but it looks damn selfish. What is real can't be done away with. There are certain instances in history and also different mythologies where the ones who metaphysically persued their religious approach never opted to run away from the family. When Lord Budha after attained enlightenment returned, a big crowd was there to receive him, hankering to get just a glimpse of his with the only exception of Yashodhara, his wife and the queen. She was requested by her attendants and all others to take the chance. She refused. Her contention was that the Lord himself is supposed to reach her as she was his wife and not just a beloved. Lord Budha came to her, humble and apologetic. Reiterating his love for her he said that whatever he could achieve was just because of her and that she was above every thing for him as but for her love he could not have been able to attain what he did. The other instance is that of Swami Ram Teerth, a mathematician and an intellectual giant, who despite having withdrawn himself from worldly affairs as a saint kept his wife with him as a matter of love, a bond of attachment. His conviction was that the great source of achieving a target is love only and nothing is possible without it. Unfortunately she was not with him during the last days of his life near Gangotri but thoughwise he was never without her. It is a mistaken notion particularly on the part of religious preachers that love is materialistic and it spoils the pursuit for salvation. It is just the contrary as love is immanentllly powerful to attain what is not possible otherwise.

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