Sunday, 10 February 2008

An irritating a gimmick

Blogging could be a fun for many, yet for many it is a committed perseverance with a zeal to undertake positive writings based on varying topics on a sober note. True, one has to resort to writing for commercial reasons where again the writer is not supposed to compromise necessary ethics he has to follows as a writer. Bloggers are many a times confronted with lot of irritating queries by the providers of space for the purpose. The tone and tenor they use is that of a master talking to his subordinate with a hidden threat, at times openly too, to ban the blog. I am a free lancer taking up various topics on society, culture, politics, current affairs, sports, art of living, metaphysics and adventures and after working on the job for the last several years I am just abruptly asked for a one word specific category for the blog as a whole. Looks so funny as to how several categories can be consolidated and abbreviated to one single name but they are the people who adamantly stick to their point not allowing the site to be opened unless it is done. They behave so well and sweet when mobilizing you to have membership with them as a postie but things chance tremendously after getting enrolled with them. They never reply to the queries raised by the bloggers, howsoever importantly urgent they are from completing a blog point of view unless it has some thing of a direct interest to them. I have about half a dozen regular blog sites and one who writes can well imagine how difficult it is to maintain such a number with write-ups without bigger interruptions. Their features do permit writing for number of site providers but the same is not relished by them with the result that a clash starts on the site itself –one discouraging the other resorting to rejecting the articles on some manufactured ground or the other. While denying acceptance of an article on some routine technical ground, some of them use a blunt email containing 'your post is rejected' giving an impression as if the postie is deprived of a big favour. Why can't they use somewhat soft a word for this like 'not approved' or 'resubmit' ofcourse giving brief details of non-acceptance of the post. The petty sum they offer for the write-ups looks at times to be too costly when measured in terms of self respect of a writer.

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