Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Training matters for any discipline of career

Whatever the discipline one follows, training is a must for all to persue a career. Howsoever intelligent a person is but necessary know-how for the job enables him/her to discharge the responsibilities so entrusted in a full measured level. Though not an extraordinarily an intelligent person, I otherwise thought of myself as one who possesses enough of confidence on attending to the various jobs. As one belonging to banking industry and the one who had to handle the tedious workfkorce related jobs, I took it that I was along doing it the right way unless I attended University of State Bank in Hyderabad on psychology of workers where eminent scholars on the subject in the world joined. The entire session was an eye opener to me and it was there that I realised I was lagging far behind in many ways. Similar experience I had on visiting many of the countries abroad leading a deputation on Computers where I found that whatever knowledge I had on the subject was hardly any match to the one that was available there. What emerges out of necessary training doubly strenthens the skill and caliber a persons otherwise has.Plumbing Courses

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