Friday, 29 February 2008

Laws sans Rules

Laws are made to be followed, followed as such and followed as rules. Things are different in practice. There are law abiding people but the number of those is bigger who defy them flagrantly. Even minor eventualities in respect of defying the Law are supposed to be taken in serious terms which is not seen in routine nor there is any care in that context. When A.G. Gardiner wrote his ‘Rule of the road’, he possibly had the similar situation in mind. He talks of an Austrian woman roaming round about loitering in a free styled manner on the road when a heavy vehicle passed with the driver finding it difficult to move forward because of that lady changing turns before his vehicle. When questioned, the lady’s reply was that since she belonged to a free country, she was all free to move on the road or any where else in a manner that suited her. The driver told her in a robust voice that if this sort of freedom was her definition of it, he was equally free to crush her down the wheels of the vehicle getting away scotch free. Scenario is more or less the same even today almost in all the places excepting a few countries where sense of discipline is strictly adhered to. As it is seen in practical terms at many a places, even monitors of laws and rules themselves freely opt to defy them, nay at times in much worse in a manner compared to commoners. Laws made and promulgated are to be followed in a disciplined manner and, if not, better they be not formed or promulgated.
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