Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Slashing ads timing on TV:

It’s a sigh of relief that the government has now come out with a restriction on television advertisements which are cumbersome to the viewers in a worst possible order. The technique of displaying ads on the TV is such that best part of the time is snatched away by the agencies concerned in showing the advertisements which are a sort of interruption with a few minutes gap in between. Now that it has been decided that from October’2013 onwards the ad schedules shall not be allowed to exceed 12 minutes in an hour at an average. Such a measure on the part of the government is likely to secure much of relief for the viewers creating necessary scope for them to devote more time towards the coverage of other meaningful displays getting rid of the unnecessary boredom and the inconvenience with interruptions caused to the viewers after every few minutes. The sooner the decision so taken is implemented, the better.


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