Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Milking disaster–who is doing it more?

As he promised, Narendra Modi made all efforts to get 15,000 Gujratis evacuated in a record time bringing them back alive. Spokesmen of Congress Party brand his efforts as fake and false coupled with their accusation that he is trying to milk the tragedy. Let the victims and their families be the judge who are praising the army jawans all out for their timely help to them accusing the government of a sheer negligence in the meantime. They are equally praising Narendra Modi, particularly the Gujaratis, for necessary initiative taken by him on an urgent footing to help them. The UPA, of which Congress is the most important component, did take certain measures but they did it at a very late stage by which time an enormous damage was already caused and it was too late. They are in power and this was very much possible for them to do the needful as rescue operations in time. At a time when there is a national sort of crisis in the shape of Uttarakhand disaster, the politicians should at least have the courtesy of not exchanging accusations against one another, the best thing for them is to stand united for the sake of the tragedy affecting thousands of people. Work in a positive direction matters and not the negative talks indulging into mud slinging against each other. At least once in a blue moon they should exhibit solidarity for the national cause instead of cashing every opportunity, crisis or disaster, that comes their way, dragging it to their own advantage.

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