Sunday, 23 June 2013

Share market heading to a doom!

So disparaging it is that the stock market plunged to a more than two years low day before and the trend remains unarrested with rupee getting down to its life time low at nearly 60 (59.93), and so is obviously the position in respect of gold and silver. In the year 1947 the Indian rupee valued as 1=1, rupee against dollar, and if a comparison is drawn on that basis, rupee stands no where against dollar as on date. What is more disgusting is the very trend of the market, it looks slated to go to a terribly low level resulting into a severe imbalance between export and import in India. The investors have already suffered a severe most setback excepting certain selected few. The trend is of course somewhat a global one but actually it is tug of war between the two economies –American and Indian. Such a competition between the two countries tends favourably towards America as against India. Only a few days back there was an announcement made by the Indian Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, that there is no need to feel panicky on rupee falling down as there are already necessary decisions in the pipeline with the government to ensure its arrest. Nothing has happened tangibly, and the very scenario is shifting to much worse a position in days to come.

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