Sunday, 16 June 2013

They deserve to be hanged:

Doctors’ is a noble profession to medically serve the ailing people but there are several who exploit their otherwise considered a great mission to callously use it for earning more and more of money. As it appeared in the media, a muslim woman was diagnosed as suffering from kidney problem because of a stone in it. She was advised operation. Quite innocently she got herself admitted to a local Nursing Home of the doctor concerned himself. Her problem persisted and her husband consulted another doctor who found that her right kidney was removed, as he advised the patient and her husband. Obviously the earlier doctor had done it in the name of operation. It’s not a solitary case and there are big rackets of doctors involved in such a trade costing the innocent patients heavily. Such doctors are not the humans but the damned devils practicing as the enemies of humanity. It’s never enough to ban their practicing licence or cancel their registration as a medical practitioner, what befits their heinous crime is nothing less than hanging them to death in full public view as was the practice in the olden days.

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