Friday, 20 January 2012

Veterans in a meet

The leaders, nay the past leaders, of All India State Bank of India Staff Federaton met at Kolkata on 7th and 8th January. In a  way it was the galaxy of stalwarts who turned up to the venue from nook and corner of the country. The participants jubilantly bubbled with a glow of enthusiasm like they were not the ones who called it a day to hectic organisational activities much earlier but younsters knowing no fatigue. Thanks to Sankareswar Dutta joined by Prafulla Patnaik who successfully harnessed themselves to the gigantic task of organising the event like they maidenly did in arranging its predecessor meet  in November'2010 at Puri. Dexterously  monitored by the joint convenors Sankareswar Dutta and Prafullo Kumar Patnaik, the event was hosted by State Bank of India Staff Association, Bengal Circle, and most pivotal a role in the matter was played by its General Secretary Siddhartha Khan, a man of down to earth simplicity sans any kind of reservations. Sankareswar Dutta introduced him to the gathering as the one in the offing as a potential leader of the All India State Bank of India Staff Federation some day. Replying to a question by one of the participants, Siddhartha Khan replied ' son is supposed to forget his father and so are we to always adore our fore fathers in the leadership'. Deliberations wise, number of speakers participated notably Venugopal Reddy, SP Raman, Shiv Janam Pandey, KK Bandlish and also Siddhartha Khan representing his local team of SBISA. Chapal Ghosh introduced to the gathering his locally formed forum meant for retirees from State Bank which however could not be entertained as it was something in generality and not compatible to the purpose of the forum in session. It was resolved to name the forum as United Forum of Former Council Members of All India SBI Staff Federation.
The event ofcourse lacked in establishing a definite direction in the matter of cogently identifiable a purpose and goal to determine whether this congregation of the retiree leaders had to remain confined to an ashirvad goshthi or they could secure more meaningful a capability to still play a tangibly viewable role contributing their might towards some service to the workers.
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