Monday, 28 April 2014

Heavy turnout of voters–what it indicates?

With last phase of general elections in India in the offing there has been a huge turnout of the voters every where in India compared to previous ones. This is a positive indications and amply shows enough of awareness on the part of the electorate. Experts in politics are divided in their views as to what it is indicative of. Some say that it clearly shows the trend in favour of a massive change at the level of the central government and there are some who hold an opinion that the trend supports pro attitude of the voters for the repeat of UPA government. There are yet many who are of the view that it is suggestive of pro BJP voting in which connection they quote previous records saying that whenever there was massive voting in the past it invariably went in favour of BJP barring an exception or two. Narendra  Modi as from BJP is having a wave in his favour and also in favour of his party as visible on the surface. These are predictions based on calculations but what the voters have actually in their mind can be tangibly known only when the poll results are out in the middle of the next month.

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