Thursday, 1 May 2014

No vote, no electricity:

Strange are the ways of pressure and coercion applied by the political parties to secure votes in the elections which are in full swing in India these days. Uttar Pradesh (India) is governed by the Samajvadi Party who had a doubt that the voters from the villages Pasuwo, Badhin, Rampur khas, Kachhpura and Bhedpur of Auraiyya district did not cast their votes in favour of Samajwadi Party with the result that they had to face the vengeance of the party leaders and their power supply was stopped with immediate effect, say the villagers. Human Rights Commission, Uttar Pradesh, has taken a serious exception of the act serving notice to the Chief Secretary, Electricity, to explain their conduct latest within 15 days. Instances of ill doings, say evil doings, like this warrant drastic criminal proceedings against the ill doers  awarding them an exemplarily harsh punishment as this is a sheer goondaism. The so called champions of democracy and socialism deserve no place in governance but behind the bars.

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