Monday, 19 May 2014

If this could be an indication?

Proposed increase in railway fare by 10% with effect from the 20th May is reported to be deferred till the new government in India takes over under the Prime Ministership of Narendra Modi. The people in general take it as an indication to undo the increase or partly reduce it to suit the pocket of the passengers. If this be so, it is certainly a move in right direction in the interest of the rail traffic. Narendra Modi is supposed to take oath as the next Prime Minister of India on the 21st May. There is already another initiative taken by the Prime Minister designate to see that a dairy project by Amul of Gujarat estimated to cost 200 crores of rupees starts at Varanasi. These two small instances of measures obviously at the instance of Modi are quite indicative of the positively practical steps in the direction of peoples interest and fully speak of the style of working on his part even before he takes over fully and finally. Let us wish that guess on the part of the public is correct.

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