Saturday, 17 May 2014

Metro trains in Kanpur and Lucknow:

How thrilling an experience it would be if metro trains start plying in cities like Lucknow and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh (India). Lucknow is the political capital of Uttar Pradesh and Kanpur is its industrial capital and both of them count much so far as the tourist attraction for them is concerned. A little time back when I was in New Delhi trying to make my way through the huge traffic jam to reach the railway station what occurred to my mind was as to how worse could have been the scenario there if there was no Metro. Look at it from any angle –business, office, market, school and colleges, access to airport, shopping, tourism and above all safety, Metro net work in New Delhi is a boon for the people there but for which theirs could have been a life in the hell as it is presently in Lucknow and in much bigger a proportion at Kanpur where one has to tread inch by inch as in no direction you can move without being stranded for hours together at one point and if some how you manage your way at a particular spot there is the other one waiting for you to entrap you in the jam for another few more hours. Thinking of any positive developmental activities sounds utopian in such a state of affairs. We like several others look forward to the new government that is in the saddle now to extend their helping hand in expediting the Metro projects which are till now only in the stage of infancy at both the cities. Let us cherish our dreams to see them materialise tangibly in days to come and feel a soothing thrill on the very thought of  having Metro trains in these two cities. Our dreams, let us wish to ourselves, come true shortly.

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