Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bribery–a compulsory evil in India:

There are many a departments in India where bribery is a compulsory ritual and nothing moves unless consumers grease their palms with money, worst of them being electricity companies, both in private and public sector, and one of them on the top is KESCO (Kanpur Electricity Supply Company) behaving as broad day robbers. They harass the consumers to the extent that ultimately they are left with no alternative but to relent paying them the amount of bribe so asked for. They have hired gangs to locate the potential victims on some flimsy ground or the other on whose clue the KESCO staff raid the houses so identified, on false grounds in most of the cases. When they come across an opportunity to raid a house they enjoy it like any thing jubilantly moving forward as if they are going on a picnic trip. If the electricity consumer is honest enough not to pay them a penny even as bribe, he is in for a great trouble. They discourage payment of electricity bills in a mode other than cash as it makes underhand dealings more feasible. Rarest of an exception is online payment through credit cards but their site remains most often as inoperable. They also charge much extra in such payments as against the normal practice of discounts on online payments. If the consumer concerned is prepared to grease their palms to their satisfaction, he has no problems to face; if not, it is hell of a torture to him. Corruption in India is so deep rooted that survival of an honest person is immensely impossible. Every thing is easy if dishonest means are resorted to. New government is likely to come up in the mid of this month after elections are over and the people of the country may have to wait for a situation whether it improves on corruption front or worsens further.

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