Thursday, 15 May 2014

Those who can’t help themselves?

Those who can’t help themselves are the ones whom none else can help for the simple reason that they don’t deserve it. There are instances when you come across the persons whom you want to help but they are not at all receptive it. Initiative on the part of the givers is meaningless if the takers lack it miserably. Why it happens like this? What an individual has to have is a sort of an inbuilt allotment to him by Nature or say destiny in a remote sense and his thought process works accordingly. Strike when the iron is hot is the saying but there could be a person just striking the iron without applying his mind that for the requisite outcome this has to be hot in which case there is nothing to blame the iron but the concerned man himself for not appropriately applying his common sense. A confused mind normally doesn’t land any where; if he allows his confusion to have a precedence over a conscious approach it is he himself to be blamed and not the other exterior channels. If one is conscious enough to pursue his goal with the required amount of conviction, he is sure to succeed as against those who just lack necessary initiative in the matter.

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