Friday, 2 May 2014

My Blog Avenues2 is the victim of a disaster:

I already had a doubt for quite some time that there are certain miscreants chasing my blog Avenues2 ( for a hunt and they succeeded it appears. It was a crash, hacking or something else but the very site is no more visible and I feel totally incapacitated now in doing any work. This one is my other blog which I am using to convey the mishap to the valued readers of Avenues2 if they equally happen to be the readers of this blog too. I don’t think this can work as a standby till such time I am able to recover the Avenues2 chances of which appear bleak. Any scope to work out an alternative is most Herculean a task. Let us see. It’s like my dream project getting shattered to pieces. It’s a sort of crisis and I expect my valued readers to bear with me.

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