Saturday, 10 May 2014

Monica Lewinsky–Why should she put her life on hold?

“Should I put my life on hold for another eight to ten years” says Monica Lewinsky with reference to the affair between her and the then American President Bill Clinton. She also says that she now feels “compelled to emerge from the shadows”. Now that Mrs. Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is most likely to be a contestant for election of American President due shortly, Monica Lewinsky has apprehensions that her past affair might be used as some political tool during the campaign for the purpose. She kept her silence till such time President Clinton’s term as President was over, she says, but she doesn’t find it feasible to keep her silence any more waiting for Hillary Clinton’s term getting over in the event of her victory in the election. As it appears from the brief expressions so made by her, she finds it suffocating to remain docile and silent on her past life and that she would like to come out obviously baring the facts in relation to her past life and impliedly her affair with the then President Bill Clinton. American culture as against India normally doesn’t take exception of love affairs in one’s life but since this one involves a great celebrity it may matter much with a focus.

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